Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Preventing crime? There's an app for that.

Can it really be that much longer until technology transforms our antequated criminal justice system? From GPS tracking to the ankle bracelets examined in this story in today's Dallas Morning News, I am hopeful that our country can slowly shake its addiction to prison.

In the short term, it would be swell if DOJ or a forward-looking state underook an ambitious pilot project that pushed the use of technology to its limit. Public safety must not be compromised, of course, but at a time when such a large percentage of the people being held in dungeons - er, I mean, prisons - are non-violent offenders, such an experiment would seem to pass any cost-benefit analysis.

So what do you say, Google? If you have the time and capability to produce a curbside view of every house in the United States, can't you lend a hand? And, Apple, couldn't you develop an app that helps law enforcement keep Johnny the Junkie out of trouble? I bet you can.

- Ingersoll