Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guns Don't Kill People. Scottish People with Knives Kill People.

Interesting little story from across the Atlantic. The Scottish parliament beat back an effort to impose 6-month mandatory minimum prison sentences for anyone carrying a knife. The effort was led not, as you might have imagined, by a coalition of Scottish chefs, but rather a sensible group of parliamentarians backed by the Scottish Justice Secretary who said one-size-fits-all approaches do not work. (Hear that, Canada? Hear that, Obama administration?)

Award for best contribution to the debate goes to Green MSP Patrick Harvie who said:  "There are some things legislation is not good for. Distinguishing between a frightened wee boy who made a mistake and knows he has and a genuine thug who poses a threat is something legislation can't do - the courts have to do that."

- Ingersoll

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Anonymous said...

I truly wish that FAMM would get more involved with the State Laws on Mandatory Minimums they are absolutely ridiculous. Sex Offenders in the state of Florida and murderers get less time that someone with 14 grams of pills which equals way less than a handful. Sex offenders do a few months in jail and get sex offender probation first time non-violent drug offenders get a mandatory minimum of 3 years depending on the drug with no gain time, huge fines and license suspensions. Prison in Florida is BIG BUSINESS. Just last year in Broward County a (vehicular homicide was reduced to manslaughter for an NFL Player he served 23 days) 23 days for taking a life 3 years for a handful of pills. Judges have no discretion. Which should be a constitutional rights violation because the "state" representative the State Attorney is a party to the case. He/She makes the charge and then decides the sentence, leaving no un-biased party to give the defendant a right to fair judgment. Your right to a fair trial is also revoked, if you decide to go to trial and are found guilty instead of that mandatory minimum they can send you away for years on top of that because you dared to invoke your right to a jury trial. It doesn't say anywhere in the constitution that if you invoke your right to a trial by jury that you will be sentenced well over and beyond your original sentence.

The Laws In Florida Are Insane and need to be changed yesterday!!! Give the Judges back the right to Judge and put the prosecutors back where they belong negotiating with the public defenders and the defendants counsel.