Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elections Afoot!

Just in case those 22 voice messages on your phone from the candidates aren't enough, we'd also like to remind you to vote (if you can) on Tuesday, November 2.

Who should you vote for?  We can't tell you that, because we're a nonpartisan, non-profit organization and we value our 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  But whoever you vote for, make sure you vote.  It's going to be an important -- perhaps historical -- mid-term election, and the lawmakers you send to Congress in November will be the ones responsible for reforming sentencing laws for the next two (or six) years.  State elections are just as important -- who you pick for your state legislatures and governors will influence sentencing policies in the future.

So, we can't tell you how to vote -- but we do urge you to get educated, visit some websites, call some candidates, read some literature, and go to the polls on Tuesday.  Project Vote Smart is one resource for finding out who's running for office in your district and where they stand on the issues.  On the Issues is another helpful online tool for tracking where legislators stand.  And don't forget the House and Senate websites for good information on incumbents.  You can get information on all of the races (state and federal) at FAMM's website.

For those with criminal convictions, the right to vote hinges on what your state's law says.  While many, many people with criminal convictions can't vote, this recent Washington Post article has some positive news about the fight against felon disenfranchisement.