Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Your State On This List?

The Sentencing Project released this helpful report detailing what states did in 2010 to make our sentencing and criminal justice policies a little bit fairer, smarter, or more cost-effective.

It covers everything from New Jersey's smart decision to give more flexibility to judges sentencing people under the state's overly broad drug-free school zone law (a FAMM reform) to New Mexico's choice to take questions about prior convictions off of public employment job applications.

Did your state make the list?  If you were governor for a day, what reforms would you support in your home state?

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Anonymous said...

I would reform SORNA. I would make sure that our state didn't waste money monitoring non-violent offenders AFTER they have served their sentence. I would make it abundantly clear that the small amount of money lost from the Byrne Grant money is nothing compared to the millions required to enforce SORNA.
I'd do away with a public registry in favor of a law enforcement only registry.