Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They'll be back: Mandatory minimums discussed in Canada, again

Awhile back, we blogged about Canada's efforts to create mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes.  It was a bad idea then, and it's still a bad idea now.  But for some silly reason, mandatory minimums keep coming up in the legislature there like dandelions on a poorly-treated lawn.

This short and sweet editorial says it all:

Canada should not repeat the mistakes of our southern neighbours. Going down this road will mean putting more people in jail and devoting more public money to prison budgets. It will also prevent judges and other justice system participants from diverting offenders with addiction and mental health issues to places where their problems are more likely to be addressed. Based on the American experience, it looks as if our reward for bearing these significant human and financial costs will be nothing at all.
Mandatory minimums are bad policy regardless of geography.  Yet again, Canada should kill any attempt to create more of them.