Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well-Reason-ed Stuff on Prisons

Reason Magazine is rolling lots of logical, thoughtful stuff off their presses right now on incarceration and drug war issues:

  • "Prison Math" asks "What are the costs and benefits of leading the world in locking up human beings?"  It places the blame for prison growth squarely on mandatory minimum sentences and then notes that the benefits of incarceration are probably small.
  • "Wrongful Convictions" asks how many innocent people are in prison. It's a hard question to answer, but those who have tried have produced chilling numbers.
  • "Declare Defeat and Go Home" claims that the War on Drugs is an utter and total failure.
  • "Shrink the Prisons" says "conservatives are as wrong about prison overcrowding as liberals were about welfare reform."
  • "Locked Up, Locked Out" looks at the social costs of incarceration, including lower wages for ex-prisoners, financial troubles for families, and community mistrust of the justice system.
  • "The Ends Didn't Justify the Means" concludes that the real culprit behind our overincarceration is us -- voters who don't care about people in prison and let fear drive them to support overly harsh sentencing policies.
In the July issue, look for an essay from FAMM President Julie Stewart!

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barbara turner said...

we should do something about federal inmates, and why they can't recive good-time off their sentence. state inmates do, why not federal, instead of 85%, it should at least be 50 to 60% of their time served, this is unfair.