Thursday, July 14, 2011


Bonne DiToro
Defenders of today's ridiculous criminal sentencing laws often respond the same way when shown an individual who received a sentence far in excess of their crime:  "Oh, there will always be exceptions," they say.

There's a problem with this thinking. Over the past 20 years, FAMM has collected so many "exceptions" that they're starting to seem, well, less exceptional, and more common than defenders of the status quo might care to admit. Today, we remind you of the case of Massachusetts prisoner Bonnie DiToro, who is serving a 15-year mandatory minimum. Her full story is here.

Bonnie is currently scheduled to be released two years from this Saturday -- July 16, 2013. FAMM’s Massachusetts Project is working hard to get a bill passed that would allow drug offenders serving mandatory minimums to be eligible for parole at an earlier date. That would bring Bonnie home sooner. But either way, she has already served more than a decade in prison, and it's difficult to believe that anyone in the Bay State is safer as a result.