Friday, September 2, 2011

The War on Drugs: At Least it's Green

That could be one message you take away from this so-fun-I-simply-must-blog-about-it post on National Geographic's website, entitled "The Energy Drain of Recreational Drugs."  The gist:  drug production is bad for the environment.  The worst culprit:  marijuana.

Here's the tantalizing opener:

Drug use can lead to dangerous addiction, crime and other societal ills, but another big downside goes relatively unrecognized: Drugs drain resources. The production and trafficking of controlled substances consumes not just money, but energy, water, and forests as well. From cannabis, cocaine, and heroin to methamphetamine and the leafy drug khat, chewed for its mild buzz in parts of Africa and the Middle East, humans' pursuit of an unnatural high is anything but green.
Among the many descriptors one can use to label the War on Drugs, "green" (as in eco-friendly) certainly hasn't been thrown around much.  Might appealing to a person's eco-awareness level be a way to stop/prevent drug use?

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day weekend!

-- Stowe