Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obama Pardons 5, Commutes ... A FAMM Member!

Monday evening, President Obama broke out of his three year-long impasse and used his pardon power to issue the first commutation of sentence in his presidency.  He granted it to Eugenia Jennings, a FAMM member serving a 22-year sentence for a crack cocaine offense that involved (prepare yourself) a puny 13.9 grams of the drug.  Her sentence was so long because she qualified as a "career offender," due to prior convictions for drug and addiction-related offenses.

She will go home on December 21, after serving a decade in prison.

Read FAMM's press release here, which includes the details of Eugenia's story.  TalkLeft also has a post about her, and Politico has this piece, quoting FAMM President Julie Stewart.

Note that we have changed our Clemency Counter accordingly.  But, my, one really is the loneliest number...

Jennings's outrageous sentence and her subsequent rehabilitation show how worthy she is of clemency.  This Thanksgiving, I am particularly grateful that she will be going home seven and a half years early.  I commend President Obama for taking this first step.  Now, it's time to take more.

-- Stowe