Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Also on the Ballot...

Candidates aren't the only things on the ballot this year:  propositions to alter criminal and sentencing laws are also on ballots in many states, as this handy map over at The Crime Report shows.

Today, voters in 17 states are considering ballot measures and referendums that could shape the future of criminal justice policy in America.
Among the hot-button issues voters will decide are: the legalization of marijuana in Washington, Oregon and Colorado; decriminalization of assisted suicide in certain circumstances in Massachusetts; the abolition of the death penalty in California; and new abortion regulations in Montana.
And let's not forget a significant change to California's infamous mandatory minimum "three strikes" law.  Among other changes, Californians will be deciding today whether that law should be changed so that life sentences only apply when the third strike is "serious or violent."  It's called Proposition 36, and FAMM will be keeping tabs on it and many of the other propositions around the country.

So, don't forget to vote, if you can!  It's an important election in more ways than one.