Friday, November 9, 2012

The New Faces in the 113th

The 113th Congress has now been elected and is slated to start work in January 2013, and it will include lots of new faces.

Courtesy of Roll Call, here's a full list, organized by state.  It includes brief snapshots (and literal snapshots) of the new Members of Congress.  We warmly congratulate all of them on their victories.

Rest assured, FAMM will work with anyone and everyone to oppose new mandatory minimum laws and reform our existing ones.

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desperatelydesperate said...

I'm hoping this means more changes are coming. My fiance was just sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 10 years for a conspiracy drug charge (not caught with anything on him). It sucks that minimums double to 10 if you have a prior. His happened 9 years before this one and they still doubled it. And it's crazy how he was on bail for 5 Years before they finally sentenced him and those 5 years of probation accounted for not even a day off his sentence even though he had no incidents during that time. I swear you can't win! Lesson definitely learned on his part but geez harsh much????