Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brooklyn Halfway House Raising Questions

Halfway houses are easy targets for criticism -- under the best circumstances, it can be very challenging to help ex-prisoners return to society, find jobs, reunite with their families, stay sober, and remain law-abiding.  Halfway houses undoubtedly play an important role in our system -- and probably are not used nearly enough for all the offenders who might benefit from their services.  Here at FAMM, we've heard many assessments of halfway houses over the years, ranging from "horrific" to "helpful."

This New York Times article looks at a federal halfway house in Brooklyn and raises questions about its operation, whether halfway house operators (many of which are independent contractors, non-profits, or for-profit companies) are doing a good enough job, and whether halfway houses actually give formerly incarcerated people the tools they need to be successful outside of prison.  It's sure to prompt discussion.  Leave your thoughts in a comment.

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