Friday, February 1, 2013

Good and Mad Reading for the Weekend

This week's good 'n' mad reading is a bit on the sentencing nerd side, but we still like it.

This new report from the Congressional Research Service puts the blame for outrageous federal prison growth squarely on mandatory minimum sentences.

It reads like a "what not to do" of running a cost-effective prison system.

First, get rid of parole for all federal prisoners, and make everyone serve 85% of their sentences.

Second, create lengthy, mandatory prison sentences that judges have to impose on tens of thousands of drug offenders each year.

Third, sit back and watch your prison population (and budget) explode.

The report recommends what FAMM's been saying for 20 years:  Congress should repeal and reconsider mandatory minimum sentences.  We're going to help make sure Congress is listening.

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Anonymous said...

Why is someone like Richard Wershe in prison serving LIFE for a drug charge? -> -> ->