About Us

SentenceSpeak is hosted by Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), a national sentencing reform advocacy group in Washington, DC. FAMM was created to eliminate mindless mandatory prison sentences, but we also want to inspire new dialogue, new approaches, and new responses to other tough criminal justice issues.

FAMM is not responsible for all the opinions you'll find here. In fact, SentenceSpeak is designed to be a public space where guest bloggers and readers can post and share ideas. We want this public forum to be engaging, insightful, even irreverent. America's criminal justice system is replete with problems. If you have ideas on how to make things better, come join us at SentenceSpeak.

Who are Ingersoll & Stowe?

Ingersoll and Stowe are the monikers of two FAMM staffers who will blog anonymously (we leave it to you to guess who they are!).  Ingersoll is a conservative man; Stowe is a liberal woman. They see the world differently, but agree that American sentencing laws have gotten out of hand. Hear their views and voices only at SentenceSpeak!